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What is meditation?

Meditation is resting your mind in the awareness of your self. It is staying with your body, your sensations and the breath.

Meditation is an act of returning to one’s self. Taking a break to rest and reconnect with one’s self. Your mind with all its senses is out there in constant pursuit of things that makes you happy and content. But whatever one tries, the contentment never stays. And peace that is the result of contentment is never achieved.

How is it to stop for a moment and stay still? How is to be connected again to your body and to your self. In the stillness you will see where the discontent arises from. In the silence you will realise what you, really, are looking for in the external world.

You will realise that world outside is an ebb and flow. There is nothing constant. Everything changes, however good, however beautiful or however happy it is. Pleasure is bound to be followed by pain. Your attachment to pleasure will be equalled by your bondage to pain. One is of craving and the other is of aversion. You try and push away pain in the same intensity as you pursue pleasure.

Meditation will orient you towards the world within. It will lead you to better balanced responses to the external events. You may even learn the connection between the inner world and the outer world. Through meditation you will discover the true source of happiness and peace.

It may lead you, if you persist, to your real self, beyond your mind.

Meditation is not about having no thoughts. Even though you may experience moments of that once you become established in your practice. But generally it is about cultivating a witness awareness without identifying yourself with your thoughts, so that in observing and being separate from them you remain in the present moment during your meditation.

Meditation is the space from where you can understand the mechanics of this Universe. For the outer universe is assembled in the inner. It is a patient lulling into the stillness that reveals the whole.

Why meditate?

Meditation is transformative. It is a path to becoming who you really are. It removes the damaging conditioning of the mind and lets you manage your thoughts. And when you become aware of your thoughts and cultivate non identification with your thoughts, you will be able to manage your thoughts.

You are what you think. Every thought you think contributes to how your life unfolds. So choose what you think and create the best life possible life for you.

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