a journey within


Meditation is about moving from the external to the internal. We start with the idea that happiness and peace we seek are something that we pursue in the external world. When we realise that nothing in the external world will give lasting happiness and peace, we turn within. This is a journey of your individual self or the mind to its very Source. Meditation is the space we create for the mind to travel to its source. A quiet space to which we can bring the mind and prepare it for the journey.

There is no one way to the destination. It is about one that suits you and feel committed to. And it is not a straight path. You may intersect and change. It is about you. Not about the path. Whatever helps you, keep the focus and the journey going, move with that.

In another sense, meditation is about tuning your vibration. Everything in this universe vibrates as energy, including matter, and it vibrates. Our thoughts are energy too. And our body in its absolute level vibrates. This vibration is affected by our thoughts. Meditation helps us to bring the body back to its natural vibration.

I’m meditating and learning from contemplation and self enquiry. For meditation is the foundation or the space where I experience the wisdom I collect.

Here you may find various teachers and teachings of whose messages I resonated with at various phases of my journey. It may not be logical, conventional or scientific the way it is conveyed. But I’m interested only in the light the message emanates in my consciousness.

If they help you advance your practice, I’m glad. For they have helped me.